A Day on Set:

Custom Creations with Südzucker UK

Being Creative with Cakes!

– Honing our very own bake-off skills with Sudzucker UK


As part of our digital makeover for the European sugar mogul, Südzucker UK, we wanted to create inspiring content that would engage their end consumer, the public. Despite not selling directly to the public, interacting with everyone their operations touch is important to them. For that reason, we aimed to create a series of videos using Südzucker UK’s most versatile product, Covapaste, that could educate anyone who fancied their hand at taking their baking to the next level!

An early start ahead of an ambitious one-day shoot saw our director Graham getting straight to work briefing everyone and making sure the set looked ship-shape. Aonghas, our no-nonsense sound technician, insisted everyone’s shoes be removed and almost had a nervous breakdown when he realised we were below a popular flight path (his ears can pick up things 30,000ft in the sky), but nevertheless, we dived into filming!

Suzanne Esper, from ‘Suzanne Esper Cakes’, rolled out a series of outstanding creations and wowed the entire crew with how nonchalantly she was able to manipulate the Covapaste into so many different detailed designs.

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