Create a recognisable visual representation that conveys high-end experience and operations, whilst engaging a strong brand personality.



An engaging logo and brand identity system, pulling together all facets of the business.

An intriguing advertisement design, creating an attention-grabbing customer touchpoint.


Brand Identity

Dark Art Drinks Brand Design
Little Ape Case Study


What started as an early morning CrossFit class for LA Creative Director Andrew Ferguson, soon became a commission to produce a brand design system for the drinks consultancy newcomer, Dark Arts Drinks (DAD). All in a day’s work, as they say!

With a name already in place – and vast knowledge in a unique market – DAD were in need of branding that represented the intricate technical aspect of their operations, as well as engaging the emotional element of their customers.


When defining a brand, integral to the process is seeing the elements that may not be initially obvious.  Every brand has an operational and emotional element, so we got to work defining and incorporating them proportionally.

To do this we evaluated DAD’s value proposition, and brainstormed what we deduced to be the brand’s key elements: 

“DAD perform a service that empowers hospitality industry traders to obtain previously unavailable (and usually lucrative) opportunities directly with influential brands.”


While conducting this process, patterns started to emerge. Astute, premium and financially aware represented the operational aspects of the business whilst connected, exclusive and nurtured stirred the emotional response from a customer perspective.


Once we had established the creative tone, our design-savvy Little Ape’s locked heads and began conjuring up a symbol that reflected this. The intention was to convey the tone whilst including the personality that is alluded to in the name.


Black Magic (Rune) Alphabet

Scrolling through dark art journals, the symbol that represented wealth” from the Black Magic alphabet popped from the page. Not only did this symbol personify elements of DAD we had identified, but it artistically resembled the first initial of the company’s founder Fraser McIlwraith (which uniquely ties back to the personal element of the brand, and is also just pretty cool). So we starting sketching:




Once we had our visual down the design team digitalised and refined things to ensure the logo mark would translate across all manners of platforms (taking away any potential headaches with future logo alterations).


With an identity system created, it’s imperative that the brand is perceived in the manner intended.So continuing to use the ‘Astutely Mysterious’ tone, we developed an advertising framework…


Dark Art Drinks was in need of a brand design that truly personified their company’s culture, conveyed in a visual evoking intrigue and mystery.

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