Create a highly-targeted advertising campaign that would increase the visibility of Soccer5s and grow the customer base to their 2 soccer centres in Austrailia.



  • 24% increase in traffic |A $400 monthly spend | 3 months
  • Above average CTR of 6.34% (worldwide average across all industries = 1.91%, SmartInsights, 2018)

Digital Advertising


Little Ape Case Study


Soccer5s is Australia’s premier small-sided soccer centre, offering state-of-the-art pitches across Melbourne and the Central Coast of New South Wales. Integral to their member expansion plan was to increase visibility online, and that’s where Little Ape joined their journey…


With the goal of increasing visitors to their 2 soccer centres in mind, we identified Google Ads as the platform to capture customers who would have the greatest intent. Next up was deciphering how to reach these customers in an already crowded market.


Keywords proved to be extremely competitive, and with a limited budget, we knew we would have to be astute to get the most out of our campaigns. It was just a question of how, and fortunately one of our apes piped up with the answer…


We created ads based on location marketing, creating highly targeted campaigns that focused on geographical keywords, positioning and ad copy. Sounds simple right? Simple or not, it’s undeniably effective. We’ve dived in deeper with examples for the Melbourne website below, which will help lay it out:

Using Keyword Planner, we investigated surrounding areas and focused where showed the most potential. Here’s our list:

  • Bayswater
  • Cheltenham
  • Cranbourne
  • Knox
  • Mentone
  • Mordialloc

We then started creating the campaigns based on each area. What we did here was use the incredibly competitive (and thus expensive) keywords when applied to a wide-scale Melbourne search, and narrowed them to only show to users in our targeted areas. This brought the costs of the keywords down, meaning we would get more bang for our buck. So far so good.

We can’t help but feel this process is way better explained visually, so please enjoy the process of how we created ads for one of our locations - Bayswater  –  below:

After launching the ad campaigns, the fun didn’t stop there. We had created variations of ads to test what would yield us the highest results for the lowest cost. Thus, we tested some ad copy and optimised our champ:

But it wasn’t just the ads that needed optimised, we needed to identify on what device users enjoyed seeing the ads. Once we had done that, well, you can guess what we did:

  • Bids for Dandenong website adjusted 15% in favour of mobile.
  • Bids for Tuggerah website adjusted 10% in favour of mobile and desktop.


And that leads us to the present, maintaining our journey with Soccer5s as we continue to drive traffic to their website with highly optimised automated ads. Anyone for a game of 5s?

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