Create an experiential digital journey that matches the unrivalled competence and reliability of the UK branch of this global sugar provider.




A brand synergy model which included full website design and development, media creation and advertising composition that engages SZUK’s top to bottom-line consumer spectrum, creating a solid brand community-based message.


Website Design & Development
Film Production
Advertising Composition
Digital Advertising

Südzucker UK Digital Re-Design

Little Ape Case Study


Initial discussions focusing on social media strategy enabled us to identify that what SZUK really wanted was to portray a solid core message to their customers. To enable us to do this effectively we would need to conduct a full digital makeover; so Little Ape, Südzucker UK (SZUK) and the Südzucker global team locked heads and began to visualise the development of this desired brand perception in the UK.


Once the vision was in place it was up to the team to develop a strategy that would enable our goal to be obtained. Before choosing exact avenues to utilise the creative tone had to be distinguished that would ensure all elements would personify the brand identity.

With a visual concept in place, our Little Ape’s began shaping SZUK’s brand discovery, and identifying their core brand elements:

While uncovering the brand identity, patterns started to appear; premium, competent & reliable illuminated the operational side of the business whilst friendly, educational & peace of mind conveyed the emotive intention of the service provided.



With the brand discovery complete, it was time for phase 2: a complete website re-design. With SZUK’s products in mind, we started thinking about how SZUK’s website would be their online packaging, and similarly – keeping with the FCMG theme here – the internet is a big digital supermarket; shelves lined with competitors, where being able to identify branding is imperative to standing out from the crowd. With this illustrious metaphor in mind (thank you Andrew), we worked closely with the in-house SZ team to re-design the website and echo the brand identity which we had established in phase 1.

While recognising B2B sales are SZ’s primary operation, their products touch almost everyone, from Coca-Cola lovers to baking enthusiasts. With brought this to the forefront of our re-design, we created a website that acts as a place anyone and everyone can visit, whether they are looking for product information, company information or educational media:


To cement the value of the website we knew content creation would be vital in generating value for visitors, independent of what level of customer they were. Thus, we were commissioned to produce a series of educational films that would showcase the versatility of SZ’s leading product. The aim of these films was to work with a local industry professional to create fun, instructional films that personified the ‘competently cultured’ tone that we were aligning across the SZUK brand.




Having created all these wonderful visual representations, we wanted to show them off! And so did SZUK, so our digital marketing strategists excitedly hatched a plan and developed a Google Ads campaign which would lead different target audiences to their optimum end-location.


With a clear challenge in place from the start, our aim was to make the visual & digital experience match that of SZUK’s industry-leading operational flow and approachable company culture. We continue to work closely with the SZUK team, offering expert advice and updates as we continue to evolve their brand.

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